What gym clothes should I wear?

Pablo Carreño vistiendo ropa de Joma para ir al gimnasio.

What gym clothes should I wear?

Here at Joma, we give you some tips about what clothing, footwear and accessories to wear to the gym.

Going to the gym is one of the ways we can enjoy a healthy life. September is upon us, and with it the start of new sporting challenges: getting back into the habit of going to the gym or simply signing up to new ones to lead a more active lifestyle.

Although one of the main doubts is about what to wear, in other words, what we will feel more comfortable wearing, here at Joma we make it easy for you. For that reason, we have gathered together a list of tips so you can get the complete outfit within our latest collections of fitness looks.

Gym wear

The first doubt that comes to mind before going to the gym is: “What clothes do I wear?” Well, the answer is simple. You should choose clothing that is comfortable, flexible and enables sweat to breathe. By something comfortable, we mean a garment that doesn’t rub your body, that enables you to move freely and isn’t heavy.

To make the most of these benefits, the ideal thing is to choose clothing that incorporates technology, since that will optimise the result. For example, if you want a highly breathable t-shirt, it is best to choose cotton or one with a Micro-Mesh system like the women’s breathable Urban Street and Core t-shirts. On the other hand, the more elastic it is, the better you will be able to move. For example, t-shirts made with elastane (men’s Sydney t-shirt), leggings, sports bras, etc.

Mireia Berlmonte wearing Joma gym clothes.
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In terms of comfort, ,there are certain features that add an extra in this sense. Raglan sleeves on t-shirts, like the Core, or the swimming costume back, like the Oasis offer greater freedom of movement. At the same time, they prevent the seams on the shoulders from rubbing the skin. The type of seams also affects this. Garments with flat seams or laser-cut seams will offer you more comfort during your hours spent at the gym.

Man wearing a Sydney Joma gym T-shirt.
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And if you are a woman, the last tip for choosing gym wear is to pay particular attention to the sports bra. You should choose which top is the most appropriate for you depending on your cup size and the sport you are going to play. If you are going to a yoga class, you need low support (the Young sports bra). But if you are going to do fitness, it is better to choose medium support (Urban Street or Core sports bra).

Trainers, a breathable as possible

Although they are not the most important aspect of deciding what to wear at the gym, they are something to bear in mind. Breathability and comfort are vital, and never fail in Joma trainers both for men and women. In order for these two characteristics to be guaranteed, choose those with perforations or a mesh cut.

Men's feet wearing Joma gym shoes.
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Complete the look with the best accessories

For the look to be complete and original, you can combine it with practical accessories that make a hard day at the gym easier. The most important accessory is a backpack or sports bag to carry equipment or dirty clothing after showering.  Choose one that is comfortable to carry and allows you to have everything organised. You can also look for one with a trainer compartment, like the Training III, for example, so you don’t mix everything up and to prevent bad odours.

Mireia Belmonte in the gym changing room with Joma accessories.
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In addition, you can take a towel to dry off the sweat or in case you shower at the gym. In this case, we advise you to get a microfibre towel which is lighter in weight and fast-drying.

After reading our summary about what to wear to go to the gym, nothing can catch you off guard. You will never have to worry about your fitness look ever again.

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