The R-3000 running shoe improves efficiency and performance

Deportista probando la zapatilla de running R-3000 en una cinta de correr.

The R-3000 running shoe improves efficiency and performance

The University of Castilla – La Mancha (UCLM) has carried out a Study on the Performance of the R-3000 running shoes with carbon plate. Among its conclusions, two are highlighted that revolutionise the running footwear world: an increase in running efficiency and an increase in performance.

The R-3000 running shoe with carbon plate is the quintessential model of the ‘flying’ running shoe by Joma. To demonstrate this, the Sports Performance Research Group at the University of Castilla – La Mancha has carried out a study of their performance. Their conclusions show how the carbon plate marks the difference between these and the rest of the running shoes on the market, something that positions Joma footwear within the higher echelons for this sporting discipline.

The rocker effect

The strong point of the R-3000 running shoe is the inclusion of the carbon plate in the midsole. Its propulsion and rigidity create a rocker effect that few running shoes on the market achieve. The runner will have greater impulse, and therefore increased running efficiency.

Improved performance with the R-3000 running shoe

The spectacular results of the rocker effect will improve the runner’s performance. This is due to the 1.5 cm increased stride length. The logic for this process is quite simple: by taking longer strides, the frequency of steps is reduced; in other words, you will take two steps less every minute and will save time in completing the distance of your run.

The increase in performance is greater (4%) for the standard runner who needs an extra boost. In the case of professional athletes, it increases by 2%, according to the UCLM study.

The end benefit should not be overlooked: a reduction in oxygen consumption and an energy saving. This aspect is essential for professional runners, as with the R-3000 they will be much better at dealing with “30 km wall”.

The perfect combination of reactivity and technology in a revolutionary running shoe

Apart from the carbon plate, the R-3000 running shoe consists of the latest technology from the brand. As a specialist sports brand, at Joma we know how to give the runner the best so they can give their all in the race. To do this, we have included the toe technology in this model.

With the Glove System, comfort and lightness are assured. The VTS technology enables the correct ventilation for perspiration, while the Joma Sportech adjusts the shoe and maintains stability. Likewise, the flexural lines of the Flexo system achieve a natural step.