Zara chooses Joma as its technical footwear brand.

Zara chooses Joma as its technical footwear brand.

Zara has launched “Athleticz”: a new line specialized in fitness that the Spanish company has begun to market a few days ago, both online and in a selection of Zara stores located in different parts of the world. It selected the Joma brand for its technical footwear developing exclusive designs for its Supercross, Fenix and Storm Viper III running shoes, maintaining all the qualities that have made Joma grow in the high-end running sector.


All “Athleticz” apparel are designed and targeted towards a male audience. Thus, the three models of sneakers have a masculine shape and are adapted to the characteristics of the male footprint.


“Athleticz” is an exclusive line that can only be found in some exclusive stores in Paris, Milan, Dubai, Manchester, Leidschendam-Voorburg in the Netherlands and in Spain, where the line has begun to be distributed from Zara stores in Paseo de Gracia 16 (Barcelona), Castellana 79 (Madrid) and the Marineda City shopping center (La Coruña). In addition to its online channel.


Storm Viper III, Supercross and Fenix: reactivity, stability and comfort for any athlete.


Storm Viper III is Joma’s most reactive shoe thanks to the REACTIVEBALL technology developed in a material with great cushioning capacity and energy return. After an initial absorption of the impact of the foot step, it recovers its original shape with almost no deformation thanks to the construction of expanded particles that provide excellent energy return; maximum energy return by absorbing the kinetic energy of running and returning it to the athlete. In the Supercross model this technology is combined with the FULL DUAL PULSOR system providing greater safety for athletes with greater body weight.


All three shoes use STABILIS SYSTEM to enhance stability. The new application in Storm Viper III is through a more rigid piece injected in the heel that contains the movement of the foot on entry providing greater stability to the footstep. For the Supercross and Fenix ones, a rigid piece is applied in the shank.


In the initial steps, the runner will feel the comfort of a renewed upper-part with more flexibility and more VTS breathability and reinforcement in the toe; the support of the tongue with two elastic bands that keep it in place during the race; and the reduction of the rubber in the sole that has been limited to the areas where there is real contact with the ground, lightening the weight of this part, and maintaining the application of DURABILITY technology of low abrasion in order to extend the life of the shoe.


The three shoe models are aimed at runners with a pace above four seconds, in 4 to 6 day training sessions and mid and long distance competitions.