Joma’s strong presence at the 2023 Indoor Championships

Atletas compitiendo en los Campeonatos Absolutos de Pista Cubierta 2023.

Joma’s strong presence at the 2023 Indoor Championships

Through the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the Italian Athletics Federation, Joma took the limelight at both championships.

Spanish and Italian athletes came together at the national events of the 2023 Indoor championships held in Spain and Italy. The sports brand, as an official sponsor of both federations, took the limelight at both events, which ended with several national records.

The 59th edition of the Spanish Indoor Athletics Championships

In Spain, Madrid became the athletics capital with the 59th edition of the 2023 Spanish Indoor Athletics Championships, held at Gallur Municipal Sports Centre. Joma, as RFEA’s official sponsor, took centre stage at this competition. The strengthening of the sports brand can be seen once again in this discipline.

Throughout the weekend, athletes gave it their all on the indoor track, setting multiple records for Spain. It was also possible to see some of them sporting the J as a hallmark on their kit, further demonstrating Joma’s value at high level athletics.

Joma at the Italian Athletics Indoor Championships

For its part, Italy held the Italian Athletics Indoor Championships, organised by FIDAL. The Italian athletes also achieved incredible results and they could be seen wearing Joma clothing beyond our borders. Throughout both days of the competition, participants delivered several surprises for Italy’s athletics, all good, of course.

In addition to these two competitions, Joma sponsors the other events organised by RFEA and FIDAL. Moreover, it is present in all events where its national federations compete. Aside from the Spanish and Italian teams, Joma is also an official sponsor of Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Ireland and the Czech Republic.