Thiago Monteiro achieves a historic victory in qualifying Brazil

Thiago Monteiro achieves a historic victory in qualifying Brazil

Thiago Monteiro, Joma’s number one tennis player in Brazil, secured a historic triumph after qualifying his country for the Davis Cup group stages, being the first time that the national team is present in such a competition.

#JomaPlayer Thiago Monteiro has given a historic moment to the Brazilian team after qualifying his country for the group stages of the Davis Cup. It will be the first time that this country competes in this scenario, debuting in September. 

Thiago Monteiro managed to establish himself as a key and essential player in Brazilian tennis. His physical strength, tennis and technical contribution have made him one of the best in recent times. Now, world number 119 seeded player, positioned Brazil at the forefront of world tennis by defeating Elias Ymer 4-6, 6-4, and 6-2. At the end of the intense match at the Helsingborg Arena, Sweden was disqualified, and the Brazilian team added another milestone to their new streak. 

“I am happy to help the team”, explained the Brazilian number one. “Everyone has worked hard to make this work. It is the result of the team’s work. Everyone has put a lot of energy into this elimination, and I am proud to be part of the team.” 

Thiago Monteiro and Joma

Thiago Monteiro started as one of the young promises of Brazilian tennis. With a bond with Joma starting in 2017, the professional tennis player has become one of the most prominent figures in his country, winning significant national and international trophies. Monteiro is known for his solid game from the back of the court and his ability to maintain a high level of intensity and concentration throughout the match. His growth has gone hand in hand with the brand, with dedication to sports as his main objective.