Summary of the Joma federations’ medal table at the European Athletics U20 Championships

Summary of the Joma federations’ medal table at the European Athletics U20 Championships

A total of six national federations sponsored by Joma competed in the European Athletics U20 Championships between August 7 and 10, adding several metals to their athletics medal table.

The European Athletics U20 Championships has left a good impression on several #JomaTeam athletics federations. Of the six in total, half have positioned themselves in the top 10 of the medal table. The performance of the Czech Republic was the highlight winning eight medals (three golds, one silver and four bronzes) and coming third place in the overall ranking. For its part, FIDAL achieved fifth place with seven medals, and Serbia has closed the top 10 by winning 4 medals.

Similarly, Joma’s presence was completed with the participation of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) with two medals, the Athletics Federation of Ireland with two more, and finally, the Athletics Federation of Slovenia.

The European Athletic Association for junior athletes organised this fantastic event, recognized by World Athletics, and Joma has played an extensive role with the participation of its national teams.

Pablo Rodríguez and Diego Giampaolo’s performances

Both members of the # JomaTeam did not miss out on the European Athletics U20 Championships either. Spanish Pablo Rodriguez, the Spanish champion, U20 finished fourth in the 10 km race. Meanwhile, the Italian Diego Giampaolo was crowned in sixth position in the same test.

During the race, they were seen sporting Joma shoes, specifically, the R.4000 and R.5000 competition shoes, respectively. Two models within the famous R line is aimed at optimising the performance of athletes, which Pablo Rodríguez and Diego Giampaolo wore for this incredible experience.