Joma’s new kit 2023/2024 for Le Havre AC

Joma’s new kit 2023/2024 for Le Havre AC

Joma and Le Havre AC launch the new kit for the 2023/2024 season.

Le Havre AC will debut its new shirt in Ligue 1 after 14 years. There’s no better way to showcase the spectacular designs that Joma’s team has prepared for France’s oldest club. Joma has been supporting the club since 2016 as a technical sponsor, providing players with the best kit for all their competitions and helping to improve the players’ performance.

The brand and the club collaborated closely on its development and production. As a result, the kit retains its essence, combining it with revamped features and an elegant style made using state-of-the-art technical fabric.

Le Havre AC Home Kit Shirt

The Le Havre AC home shirt continues the legacy of sky blue and navy blue. Since its foundation in 1872, the French ‘club doyen’ football team has worn these two colours, which tell of its origins and have become a strong hallmark. For the 2023/2024 season, the arrangement of two vertical stripes has been retained, but this time a geometric sublimation print has been chosen that combines different shades in the light and the dark part. A garment worthy of the main uniform, combining a modern and striking aesthetic with traditional aspects of Le Havre AC. The back also features a print with “HAVRE ATHLETIC CLUB 1872”.

Away kit

On the other hand, the away shirt has evolved into an elegant light blue, arranged in a gradient that ends in the legendary white colour. At the bottom, the bird’s-eye view of the city of Le Havre is silkscreened as a tribute to the home of the legendary club. As part of this tribute to its roots, it is inscribed on the back with the caption “NUTRISCO ET EXTINGUO”, a motto adopted by King François I in relation to the emblem of the salamander.

In both patterns, the ribbed V-neck and cuffs stand out, offering a comfortable fit. The entire fabric is finished in Jacquard to optimise the wicking of sweat.

The best technologies on the market

For the new uniforms, Joma has chosen interlock polyester. This fabric is characterised by its wide range of benefits, which help make the game more comfortable. Among its properties, the elasticity, the high resistance to abrasion and friction and the excellent freedom of movement stand out.

First of all, MICRO-MESH SYSTEM technology is located in the areas most prone to sweating (the armpits) to help moisture evaporate quickly. Likewise, VTS technology is used throughout the rest of the garment. It consists of small perforations that regulate the accumulation of sweat.

Furthermore, each piece of fabric has been joined using the FLATLOCK flat seam system, which prevents chafing on the skin and enhances comfort during play.

And let’s not forget the Le Havre AC crest, which appears on the front thanks to JOMA SPORTECH technology. This technique inherited from footwear design consists of heat-sealing rubber pieces. This flexible and resistant material does not add weight or cause discomfort.