Joma consolidates its global brand image as a leader in indoor football and kits

Joma consolidates its global brand image as a leader in indoor football and kits

The Sport Panel brand image survey positions Joma as the third highest rated brand in the sports market.

According to Sport Panel, the national market research company specialising in the sports sector, Joma has established itself as the third brand in terms of public perception. In the latest study from 2022, Joma once again makes the top 5 thanks to, among other things, the diversity in its product range. This has led to 7.66% of respondents mentioning us in their responses. This position, consolidated over the last four years, shows the extent to which the brand has successfully penetrated the sports market, offering high quality both in sportswear and specialist products.

The method used by Sport Panel in its annual survey consists of analysing 31 core products within the sports sector. The consultancy firm then examines the commercial image of supplier companies globally and by product lines.

Brand image in footwear: Joma leads the field in indoor football and padel tennis

Looking at the results of the analysis by categories, Joma remains in third position when it comes to footwear (7.84%), with only two competitors ahead of it and retaining an advantage of almost three points above those behind. Specifically, it is an industry leader in indoor football lines, i.e., this sector was cited on the most occasions. It is also the most important brand globally in padel footwear. For this sport, Joma featured the most often among the first three positions chosen by respondents. Legendary, technology-rich models such as the Top Flex for indoor football or the Open and Slam in padel tennis have resulted in increasing consumer confidence in the brand.

Brand image in textile: Joma’s strength lies in its kits

In addition, it is included among the 5 best textile brands, leading the way in kits. With a result of 7.62%, it is just two points from third place and is significantly ahead of more than three companies at the lower levels. This reaffirms the brand’s significant presence, dressing athletes, teams and federations from all over the world, whose numbers continue to grow.

Brand image in accessories: Joma continues its legacy in indoor football

Joma hasn’t been left behind when it comes to accessories either. Indeed, it is the leading brand worldwide in indoor footballs, am extremely important sector for which it already provides official products to various national teams.

Lastly, Joma reappears in the top 10 brands with the highest growth prospects. An upward trend that shows no signs of stopping, indicating that we are on the right track to reach the highest positions in the ranking.