Joma bets big on sustainability with recycled fabrics

Joma bets big on sustainability with recycled fabrics

The sports brand has launched a new line of sports equipment made of innovative fabrics and processes that can help to reduce plastic pollution and carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Plastics, one of the main agents of biodiversity loss, are processed to become recycled polyester yarn. This will in turn be transformed into sustainable fabric which will be used to develop and produce Joma’s new collection.

Alberto López, CEO and textile department managing director of Joma says: “The world is experiencing a deep environmental and climatic crisis and we are committed to playing our part in slowing it down. At Joma, we want to contribute to a circular future in which we produce as little waste as possible.”

Environmental benefits of plastic recycling are not just about reducing plastic waste which otherwise would take hundreds of years to decompose. It also helps to reduce the CO2 emissions involved in the production of synthetic fabrics such as polyester. According to Alberto López “the use of innovative processes and fabrics in the field of recycling is part of the company’s effort to keep making progress towards sustainability.”

The new high-performance fabric keeps breathability and comfort qualities, characteristic features of Joma garments. MICRO MESH SYSTEM technologies are applied, which give extra breathability by allowing air circulation from the outer side of the garment to its inner face. It provides quick drying so the athlete can feel comfortable during the whole exercise. FLATLOCK SEAMS are also applied, which provide comfort and avoid chafing.

Garments made of recycled-polyester fabrics are included on the brand’s textile collection for 2020, and they have also been included in the special collections of some of the main professional clubs sponsored by Joma, such as in the new kits for RSC Anderlecht, TSG Hoffenheim and Torino FC.