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Al Ittihad FC joins Joma Sport

The eight-time champion of Saudi Football League and champion of the Asian Cup

The eight-time champion of Saudi Football League and champion of the Asian Cup, Al Ittihad FC, is set to commence his partnership with Joma starting from next season.

The dean Club of Saudi Pro League, founded in 1927 and third in the current Championship, becomes the first Saudi club to join the Joma family.

This is the team with the highest level of engagement, both in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. With an average attendance at home games during the last two seasons of 35,000 spectators. Five times the average attendance of the Saudi League.

This long-term agreement, between Ittihad and Joma, is part of the expansion strategy of the brand in the Gulf region, and it is set to equip all sections of the Club and all its categories, both with apparel and footwear.

The eight-time champion of the King’s Cup will carry customized designs, and will benefit from the latest technology developed by the Spanish brand, such as the Elastic Micro Mesh system in the textile or EVA + in footwear.

The new Joma member has among its achievements, having participated in 2005 FIFA Club World Cup, as well as being the only Asian Club to be champion of the Asian Cup two years in a row, in 2004 and 2005.

Al Ittihad FC, shares the philosophy of Joma Sport of hard work, customer service and constant adaptation to a continuously changing sports environment. A philosophy that Joma has been implementing since its foundation in 1965, and considers fundamental to its growth in Saudi Arabia.