The new special edition of the personalized Top Flex for Amandinha

The new special edition of the personalized Top Flex for Amandinha

The Top Flex Amandinha 10 is a limited edition of Joma’s classic high-end indoor football model. Its aesthetics, paying tribute to the colors of the player’s native country, is the result of a close collaboration between Amandinha and the brand.

#JomaPlayer Amandinha, one of the best female football players in the world, has her personalized Joma shoe once again. The Top Flex Amandinha 10 comes with a complete redesign and continuing on with the high performance of the legendary model from the Spanish brand. In this second collaboration, the Brazilian player has once again trusted the high-end Top Flex model, worthy of professional football and a high-level athlete like her.

During the creation of the shoes, both Amandinha and the brand’s design team have carried out a process of close collaboration. This communication work is fundamental to achieve extraordinary results.

Design features

The design of the Top Flex Amandinha 10 has undergone a complete make-over. Although still maintaining its traditional colors of Brazil as the protagonists (yellow, green, and blue), the arrangement and details have completely changed. This time, green covers the back and the toe, while yellow is found in the central part of the shoes. On top of it, a multicolored print has been added standing out from the first moment. Blue is chosen for the laces and interior.

Amandinha’s personal brand can be seen on the top of the tongue, an area of high visibility. On the other hand, the Joma logo appears in blue on the side.

The technology of the Top Flex Amandinha 10 shoe

Regarding technical characteristics, the Top Flex Amandinha 10 is made of a very flexible, resistant, and breathable leather, giving it a classic touch. This material provides excellent contact with the ball, ensuring control and power. In addition, VTS perforations have been inserted contributing to sweat ventilation.

The midsole is made of phylon in order to absorb impacts and ensure stability. Finally, the high-quality DURABILITY rubber sole has good resistance to abrasion and griping firmly on the indoor court. The ROTATION geometric structures facilitate safe turns and prevent possible injuries, while the FLEXO line system adds extra flexibility to the footwear.