JOMA Sport and the RFEF launch a unique shoe for match officials.

JOMA Sport and the RFEF launch a unique shoe for match officials.

The brand is the official sponsor for the Spanish Federation of Futbol Sala.

Top Flex and Super Regate are two styles of shoes that both offer the perfect qualities for a player to show their full potential on the indoor court.

The RFEF and Joma introduce a unique footwear line which will be worn by match referees at all levels for the upcoming 2020-2021 season.  These models will available to purchase at stores in the coming weeks.

This launch consists of two top of the line models that Joma offers, the first style is the popular Top Flex followed the Super Regate in the new Rebound 2.0 version.  Both will carry a unique design that includes the official RFEF logo and the also the badge for the Spanish Federation of Futbol Sala.  This second logo will include the addition of the “two stars” that credit the national team’s success in being crown world champions on two occasions.


TOP FLEX, the signature shoe that Joma is known for in the world of Futbol Sala.  The defining quality is the level of flexibility its design and leather composition offer which are constructed using the brand’s FLEXO technology; a system of flexing channels that offer the perfect feel for contact with the ball.  This flexibility matches the movement of your foot.  Additionally, the bottom sole offers the ROTATION system, a geometric design in the sole that facilitates the movements and turns specific to the sport of Futbol Sala.  This design helps to prevent injuries to areas of the ankles and knees.

Other qualities offered in this shoe point to greater comfort and stability, this is thanks to a system incorporated in the build of the Top Flex know as PROTECTION which reinforces the toe box and offers and better precision while shooting.  Lastly, the sole’s design includes Joma’s DURABILITY technique which is built around a high resistance rubber that slows the wear down of the sole.


For this second model, the Super Regate Rebound brings about a newer version of the original Super Regate but with an added level of cushioning which is clearly recognized by the level of comfort and adaptability it offers.  This shoe is able to achieve a greater level of reactive thanks to its REBOUND 2.0 system on its mid-sole, constructed of a material that absorbs the impact of each step and quickly allows it to return to its original form to offer more boost to the player.  This model is geared to larger players that require more cushion or to players that are quick and agile and looking for additional protection to prevent injuries.

The greatest indicator to the quality of Joma’s futsal shoes is the feedback provided by players at the highest level of the sport that test out the product and give it the highest remarks.