Imoco Volleyball wins the Supercopa de Italia 2021!

Imoco Volleyball wins the Supercopa de Italia 2021!

The #JomaTeam reaches its second objective of the season (after the victory in the Supercup last September) and goes for one of the most important national trophies of the season.

In the Rimini Final 4, the Panthers beat Vero Volley Monza on Saturday’s semifinal and move on to the final on Sunday, March 14, against historical rival Igor Volley Novara.

The Piedmontese managed to win by a narrow margin only on the second set, but the Imoco Panthers quickly closed the match with a 3-1 victory, further extending the impressive winning streak (the #Jomateam hasn’t lost a match since December 2019) and winning their second consecutive Coppa Italia after last season’s success.

Elected MVP Paola Egonu (39 points, 65% on offense and 2 walls), absolute leader of a stratospheric team.

It will be an intense end of the season for the reigning world champions, who are preparing themselves with the right spirit to face the final phase of the CEV Champions League and the Legavolley playoffs in the coming weeks.



Photo credit: Rubin per LVF