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Joma launches a limited edition of the official World Padel Tour shoe

Joma, as the Official Shoe of the World Padel Tour circuit, will be selling a customized version of its Slam shoe.

Joma's projection in paddle shoes has made the World Padel Tour trust the brand to be the official footwear of the circuit. As a result of this collaboration, Joma offers for sale an exclusive personalization of its Slam model. It is an elegant design based on the white and gold colours, personalized with the WPT logo in different points, such as printing on the upper, on the outer buttress, on the insole and on the overcordón.

This shoe will be used this year by players sponsored by Joma such as Juani Mieres, Patty Llaguno, Javi Ruiz, Uri Botelo, Teresa Navarro, Víctor Ruiz, Nacho Gadea, Rafa Méndez and Javi Rico among others.

The limited edition of the Slam World Padel Tour model maintains all the technical characteristics and the application of the latest technologies in padel footwear. This is a specific shoe for this sport that is characterized by its cushioning, stability and high resistance to wear.

Its excellent cushioning is given by the use of the REBOUND 2.0 system in the midsole. It is a material that expands easily, which gives it an enormous capacity to absorb the impact of the footfall and at the same time recovers its shape quickly, boosting the output. In addition, the midsole is composed of another base of higher density phylon that provides stability.

Stability is reinforced with the use of the STABILIS system, an injection piece that goes from the bridge to the metatarsal and stabilises the transition of the footfall; and the introduction of a rigid external buttress that supports the foot.

The cut is very breathable due to its mesh construction. This quality is very appreciated in sports that are practiced on tracks of great abrasion. In order to protect this area of the foot, the INYECTION PRINT system is applied, an injected rubber that holds the foot comfortably. On the inside of the foot, where there is greater wear due to lateral movements during play, a larger rubber piece is included to protect the foot.

The inner linings, which envelop the foot, are inserted in two qualities. In the lateral parts they are more resistant to hold the foot. In the back is more comfortable and padded.

The sole is made following the DURABILITY system composed of high-density rubber that resists the wear of the tracks. Its deep herringbone pattern ensures grip on the playing surface.

This model will be on sale on Joma's official website, on the brand's stand at all circuit events and in the brand's shops and distributors.