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New 367 model pays homage to original Joma 80.

To celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, Joma has relaunched one it’s most iconic sports shoes with a very retro-styled ‘80s’ advertising campaign. Featuring members of the original creative team and photographers as well as employing techniques from the original advertising campaign, Joma has paid homage to the popular Joma 80 shoe with a 10 minute documentary titled, ‘The Story of an Announcement’.

The premiere of the documentary took place on September 29 in Spain at the official relaunch at an equally historic venue. The Vía Láctea in Madrid is the legendary cocktail bar which is still open today and remains as popular as ever.

The ‘Ochentero 367’ campaign took several months to complete but has proved a great success in proving that Joma has worked very hard to change as little as possible.