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Presentation of the new Joma trainers with Swarovski® crystals, and I Edition of the Women with Brilliant Projects Awards.

Presentation of the new Joma trainers with Swarovski® crystals, and I Edition of the Women with Brilliant Projects Awards.

This year, the presentation of the new Joma models decorated with Swarovski® crystals was supported by the most brilliant projects.

Joma has thought of these and so many other women for their most radiant novelty. Shine, style, endurance and character come together in the ideal model for today's women, those who step on strong, with character, independent and self-confident.

Seven projects that will mark a before and after in their sector, presented by Clara Lago.

Projects such as Laura San Felipe's Bar-id and Eva Sarachaga (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Space), a biotechnological project that aims to combat the appearance of bacteria that are super-resistant to the action of antibiotics.

Zoundream by Ana Laguna, a software that interprets baby's crying, not only from the point of view of their needs or emotions, but also for an early detection of certain pathologies such as autism.

When and Where, an app created by the very young Lucía Adrián, Nuria Villoria, Sandra Caamaño, Lucía Fernández and Paula Fernández, aimed at "making women's lives safer". Its use is destined, above all, to collect the habitual routes of the users when they return home, they go to run or to work...

Espigoladors by Mireia Barba and Celia Vendrell, a project based on the collection of discarded fruits and vegetables, with the aim of reducing food waste, improving access to adequate food and generating new opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion.

Futurlife 21 by María Hernández Alcalá and Elena Pérez mother daughter, who based on biochemistry and scientific evidence seek to create real change in society, generating eating habits that last forever, converging 3 points: Knowledge, practice and motivation.

Pilar Calvo's Association for Women in Professional Sport, an observatory of good practices and guarantees of equality in professional female sport, which works for the equality of professional sportswomen, visibility in the MM.CC. and the creation of a common workspace where professional sportswomen can share their experiences.

Rated Power by Andrea Barber, the SME that is revolutionizing the renewable energy sector thanks to its unprecedented software for the construction of solar plants.

The shoe comes in two colour versions, gold and pink. They incorporate a satin ribbon and are inspired by the trend-setting running shoes of the 1980s. It’s comfortable shoe, designed for everyday use. This comfort is given by the elasticity of the material and the "foam" of the midsole.

Thousands of Swarovski® crystals make up the Joma logos in the traditional version of the brand's "J" (the first iconography of this logo, created in the 1980s and characterizing the entire Joma casual shoe collection) on the sides of the trainers. The tongue and heel incorporate another of the classic logos, the eagle, created in the 1970s.

The Joma sneakers with Swarovski® crystals are a look back to the sporting trends of a few decades ago, updated without losing sight of current fashion or the society in which we live.