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Joma launches two exclusive commemorative slippers for the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid for the second consecutive year

Joma launches two exclusive commemorative slippers for the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid for the second consecutive year

The Spanish sports equipment firm Joma has created two very special slippers for the XXXI edition of the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid, which will be held in the capital of Spain on 29 March.

Specifically, for men, Joma has customised 2 Super Cross and Storm Viper models, while for women, the brand has customised the Storm Viper Lady model.

Both shoes, for neutral tread for training and running, have a cut that is manufactured in a single piece of breathable mesh, which avoids friction and provides greater comfort, with greater flexibility in the areas of the instep, where flexion is done, also has perforations designed so that the foot breathes with each step and injected TPU reinforcements in the areas where it is needed most, such as the sides and heel, which contributes to greater lightness and comfort. The tongue is stitched to remain firm throughout the miles of the race.

In the men's models, on the one hand, the Storm Viper stands out, intended for medium-low weight runners, and the Super Cross model is intended for medium-high weight runners. The midsole is made up of two pieces: one made of Rebound, a material that recovers its shape without hardly deforming and that provides cushioning, durability and great lightness; and another made of high-density phylon that provides more support surface and stabilizes the tread.

In the women's model, Rebound's super-light midsole adapts to all the rhythms of the race, as it absorbs impacts while driving the stride.

Both shoes have a very fine, high quality rubber sole with low abrasion for durability and separate heels to increase lightness. It also features the Stabilis system, an injection piece that goes from the foot bridge to the metatarsal and stabilizes the transition of the footfall.

In this way, Joma continues to bet on a benchmark sporting event such as the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid, of which it is once again the official technical sponsor of a test that will bring thousands of runners to the streets of Madrid on 29 March.

This competition joins the list of sporting events that Joma sponsors all over the world, including the Ibiza Marathon, the 20 km of Paris, the Minsk Half Marathon, the Oporto Marathon (Portugal), the Roma-Ostia Half Marathon (Italy) and the Buenos Aires Half Marathon Province.