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Technical characteristics

The product of Joma is recognized for its quality and its technological qualities.

Technical characteristics

In the clothes of the VCF have been applied the standards of quality of the brand, both for t-shirts of the game for professionals as well as replicas will be on sale. The t-shirts are applied to them finishing S. L. E. P, a system that facilitates the evacuation of sweat and helps to maintain a constant body temperature .Another cause of the comfort of the t-shirt are the seams FLATCLOK a system of stitching on the seams "hide" to avoid inconvenience Design Joma has designed a special collection using the traditional colors of the club white, black and orange for the three t-shirts of the game respectively. For the first has been chosen an elegant design with details in black, and gold. Complete with black trousers and average blackish. The second roomed is completely black with silver details and with regard to the third is the most prominently, for their orange color fluorine and neck polo. The t-shirts have  several details to the players feel near the mood of his followers. It is overboard the inscription "Amunt Valencia" and a bat.

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