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D. Fructuoso Lopez is recognized his work for the past 45 years

Fructuoso Lopez is awarded with the "silver award of merit from the region".

D. Fructuoso Lopez is recognized his work for the past 45 years

Because of the celebration of Castilla-la Manchas day , Fructuoso Lopez received the meritorious award from the region. The Wednesday May 31 , because of the day of the region in Castilla La Mancha, D. Fructuoso Lopez was awarded as silver award recognition to the trajectory of Joma. On the morning of Wednesday, at the teatro Rojas of Toledo, the president of the Community of Castilla-la Mancha, D. José María Barreda presided over the awards ceremony. D. Fructuoso Lopez returns to see his work for the past 45 years, since founded joma Sport in 1965. The history of the first sports brand spanish is the story of her president, D. Fructuoso López, from his work and his leadership. JOMA was born in 1965 when its founder Fructuoso López was only 18 years, at that time had only his house as facilities and their hands as tools More than 40 years ago, when no one is toward the already invested in technology; evidenced by the resistance of the skins, the adequacy of the lasts, the firmness of the soles? From child always liked sport, for his perseverance, sacrifice? and soon realized that the image of an athlete is the best representative of these values, so he joined its brand the best football players and athletes; Martín Vázquez, Butragueño, Alfonso Pérez, Morientes, Kiko, Antonio Serrano, Fermín Cacho... teams like Betis, Deportivo de la Coruña, Rayo Vallecano? y Sevilla (UEFAs Champion 2007 and 2008- and right now Getafe and Valencia - , Kanoute, Pepe Reina- Champion world cup with Spanish Selection 2011 -, Feliciano López - Davis cup champion 2004, 2008 y 2009 -, Juan Carlos Fererro number 1 of the ATP ranking in 2003- the spanish selection of athletics and countless athletes throughout the world that have been and are the face of joma during its more than 40 years of life. JOMA has received several awards for the quality and recognition, among them become part of the Forum of brands Ambassadors of Spain in the world. In short, the history of the brand joma Sport is directly linked to that of its founder and his family, who today make the business giant of the sport that launched its father more than 40 years ago.

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