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This is the customized running shoe made for the Benidorm Half Marathon. This shoe is designed for court and road training. The shoe's structure is made from a single piece of breathable mesh, which prevents chafing and provides greater comfort and flexibility in the instep areas, where bending and flexing is done.

It also has a few open air punctures, which increases the foot's breathability with each step. Furthermore, its TPU reinforcements, which have been injected in the areas where it is most needed such as the sides and the heel, contributes to greater lightness and comfort. The tongue has also been stitched to hold firm for all the miles in the race.

This model is intended for runners weighing less than 80 kilos, as it contains a super lightweight Rebound midsole, made of a material that recovers its shape without deformation. This provides extra cushioning, durability and lightness, allowing you to adapt to different rhythms throughout the race, since it absorbs impacts in every stride.

The sole is made of a very thin and high quality rubber and has a low abrasion, which provides greater durability. It also has separate studs that increase lightness.
The shoe's Stabilis system involves an injected piece of rubber that lines the bridge of the foot to the ball, stabilizing each step.

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