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/ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2002d.svgStabilis /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2003d.svgDurability /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2004d.svgSportech /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2007d.svgVTS /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2010d.svgFix Counter /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2012d.svgGlove System /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2013d.svgRebound /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2016d.svg360º /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2018d.svgEva+ /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2019d.svgProtection /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/techs/2020d.svgRotation

New tennis trainers created for high competition. Aimed at very demanding players who are looking for protection, breathability and comfort.
The upper is made of nylon and high abrasion TPU to withstand friction from lateral movements. One-piece upper. FIX COUNTER system which includes a counter that provides added protection and comfort to the heel, thanks to the ergonomics of its new shape. The exterior pieces are made of highly resistant microfibre and the inner counter is PVC and Foam. VTS technology to promote air flow and better breathability around the foot. PROTECTION technology on the sides for added reinforcement and protection. The upper incorporates our SPORTECH system, injected rubber which prevents the need for seams and other rigid materials in the upper part of the shoe. Provides lightness, comfort, a greater capacity for flexion and better adjustment to the foot. The density is variable depending on the needs for protection and resistance in each area. The 360 system is used to improve the connection between the upper and the sole, facilitating the natural distribution of weight in the tread.
The thermoformed EVA insole adapts perfectly to the foot, helping to cushion the shoe and absorb the impact of the footstep.
Natural EVA inner sole adjusts to the shape of the foot to contribute to the cushioning and absorb the impact of the tread. It is stitched to the upper using the GLOVE SYSTEM technology which avoids prominent seams, maintaining the rounded lines of the foot for a lighter, more comfortable shoe.
The sole is made with REBOUND technology that allows a greater, more rapid boost, thanks to the bounce increase. A more efficient, energetic stride that could help your career evolve. The sole incorporates the DURABILITY system which provides greater durability thanks to the high resistance rubber that delays wear and tear and extends the lifespan of the shoe. STABILIS technology is used in the narrowest part of the sole, a piece of TPU located in the narrowest part to avoid inadequate turns between the front and back of the foot, in this way achieving greater stability. ROTATION technology is also incorporated. This is a geometric structure located in the sole to facilitate rotating turns. Prevents injuries to the knees and ankles.

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