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Pulsor Stabilis Sportech Flexo VTS Fix Counter Glove System Rebound 360º


R.VIPES-808 Sport shoe


97.01 EUR

It is an avant-garde shoe, providing excellent cushioning for medium to heavy-weight runners seeking a light shoe, with an extra boost to its tread and a groundbreaking design thanks to Joma's Rebound technology.
Sport shoe with 10 DROP. Weight: 307 gr. For middleweight and heavy weight runners. Neutral foot strike.
The upper is made from nylon and TPU to add strength while remaining lightweight. The sole is attached to the upper using the 360 system providing natural weight distribution at every step. Manufactured using JOMA SPORTECH technology, an injected rubber system, avoiding seams and other rigid materials, thus creating a more comfortable structure, with greater flexibility and an improved fit to the foot. VTS ventilation system allowing for greater airflow within the shoe, keeping foot temperature constant. A stiffener at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to the new last's more ergonomic shape, FIX COUNTER system.
Insole lining made of pre-shaped EVA+ adjusted to the shape of the foot and antibacterial. Natural EVA+ insole sewn to upper using the GLOVE system, a flat sewing method, with no prominent seams in order to adjust to the rounded contours of the foot, providing greater comfort and reducing weight. The EVA+ technology contributes to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact.
Half sole designed with a cushioning system comprising a piece of gel absorbing foot strike and favouring momentum. Comprised of two Phylon sections, first, a lower layer stabilising foot strike and providing cushioning, and a further segmented Phylon layer adjusting foot strike from landing to take-off leading to a perfect transition.
The sole is manufactured using a material enhancing momentum and making it faster, Joma REBOUND. FLEXO system for a better transition from heel to toe at every step. STABILIS technology at the shank reduces heel and toecap movements preventing flexion and torsion and providing greater stability. This model also incorporates a central triangular piece preventing deformation due to excessive cushioning. It incorporates the PULSOR system to cushioning foot strike and encourage momentum.

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