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Pulsor Stabilis Durability Sportech Flexo Full Dual Pulsor VTS C2S (Cell Cushion System) Fix Counter Glove System Rebound 360º Eva+


R.HISPAW-711 Sport shoe


77.00 EUR

HISPALIS, the technical running shoe, is the most recently evolved product from this line, that has been on the market for several years and has many faithful followers. It is intended for the daily training of medium to high weight runners. Its main features are stability and cushioning. Its weight regarding previous models has been corrected: 323 g. Neutral foot strike. Racing at 4 minutes/km and above. Double weave upper. With larger openings at the front to assist breathability and tighter at the rear to support the foot. The shoe’s structure is constructed using lightweight microfibre parts. All segments have been specifically located so as to leave the flexible parts of the shoe free. The insole always retains the same density, independent of the amount of impact it endures, it always recovers its shape. Furthermore, it is also antibacterial constantly acting as a corrective to foot perspiration. FLEXO system, formed by flexible grooves at the front, meeting the STABILIS section at the shank, progressively flexing upon foot strike from the central section to the toecap. The heel flex lines mean that when the heel strikes the ground only the area subject to the highest stress loses its shape, independently of the remainder of the sole. The FLEXO system means foot strike transition is cleaner and more natural. High-density and wear-resistant DURABILIDAD rubber. The cushioning required by runners of this weight is achieved by using a gel section forming the PULSOR SYSTEM. It is located at the axis of the sole and absorbs the first and strongest impact. The STABILIS system provides stability and prevents the shoe from unnaturally flexing through its central section which can cause injury.

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