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"Ya he probado las R- 5000 la verdad es que es una zapatilla de la que presumir. Una voladora en condiciones, algo que echaba de menos. En definitiva, una voladora muy lograda que no tiene nada que envidiar a ninguna marca. Realmente es un zapatillón... Desconozco cómo se pueden portar para distancias muy largas, pero me atrevo a decir que en el rango de la milla al 10k van a ir de lujo y apuesto a que en tartán también. "Santi Sierra. Atleta popular

"Ciao, oggi vi parlo delle sensazioni che mi hanno trasmesso le nuove R-5000 di Joma. Ho apprezzato in particolare come si adattano al piede, sembra di avere ai piedi una calza e sono super comode; inoltre sono super leggere ed esplosive, se vuoi quindi provare queste sensazioni quando corri te le consiglio al 100% "Julia Takacs. Record di Spagna sui 50 km di marcia

Chuso García Bragado - 7 Juegos Olímpicos

New R-5000, with only 187 grams in weight (for size USA 8), it’s Joma history lightest running shoe. It’s addressed to runners to great technique, correct muscular work and who control very well their footstep so don’t need an excess of cushioning or guidance in the step, and with a race rhythm below 3 minutes.

For series or training and competition short distances. The minimum weight that the sneakers add to your body during the race, reduces the burden and contributes to improve your times.

Joma has specially worked in archiving the highest ventilation through the improved VTS system. The direction of the mesh design produces an internal air flow form the toe to the back side, cooling the foot on each stride.

The construction of the running shoe is made through JOMA SPORTECH system that adjusts the upper to the foot from the cord area to the heel with rubber injection, a lighter material than classic TPU; and the reduced internal buttress in the sides to eliminate the excess of material which technical footstep don’t need.

The excellent work to lighten the weight it’s more evident in the tongue. Made in one only piece, flat, with barely a few grams that will go unnoticed for the runner. To manage a better comfort, an inner thin foam piece is added to strengthen the cords. Cords are flat, made in light thread contributing to the sneakers total lightness.

The midsole creates a low-profile running shoe, with Drop 6. The reactivity given by the FLY REACTIVE system allows to take off quickly without lifting much from the ground and save energy this way.

FLY REACTIVE it’s the great Joma contribution to R-5000 in the cushioning aspect. It is a new technology developed by the Brand and implemented in the midsole, consisting on a very light material which returns a great amount of energy on each step. Its characteristics of flexibility and lightness allow it to recover the shape very fast, driving the step in the take off. Provides an ultralight cushioning and a uniform footstep cycle where the foot will feel the comfort in all areas.

Joma has developed an exhaustive biomechanical study of the technical runner footstep to who the R-5000 is directed to reduce the sole exclusively in the areas where the foot’s sole has direct contact with the surface. This way, the weight is reduced in this part of the sneaker and a correct protection is maintained. The high-density rubber quality is also maintained, provided by the DURABILITY system.

In the toes area, the sole has a higher surface to protect the shoe from the wear of the take off.