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New Joma Claw offers lightness and comfort

Competition trail shoe aimed at winners.

New Joma Claw offers lightness and comfort

The new Joma Claw trail running sports shoe has been developed to deliver lightness and comfort for competition athletes. Runners will find the comfort and fit offered by new features such as the sock-style opening of the upper a great advantage when used on fast and moderately uneven terrains.
Constructed using rigid yarn, the new Joma Claw is supremely strong and durable in even the most demanding conditions. Throughout the sole and upper, advanced material compositions cushion the foot and increase protection from impact with hard surfaces, reducing injuries and maximising comfort.
The new Joma Claw also features a two-way grip pattern on the sole, with front facing lugs to assure maximum grip in forward motion and rear facing lugs to increase traction in downhill direction. Side lugs are also elongated to avoid collecting debris which would otherwise affect performance.

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