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MoviStar Inter, the best team in the world

The Joma team and its coach, Jesús Velasco, have been voted the best team in the prestigious Futsal Planet Awards.

MoviStar Inter, the best team in the world

For the fourth time in its history, Movistar Inter, a club sponsored by Joma, has been selected as the Best Team in the World in the prestigious Futsal Planet Awards awards. Furthermore, its coach, Jesús Velasco, has once again been named the Best Trainer in the World. 

These awards have been preceded by the best results in Movistar Inter’s history, it swept the board in 2017 by obtaining all possible titles: The Spanish League, the Spanish Cup, the Super Cup, and the European Cup.

Other players, coaches and futsal teams sponsored by Joma have also been awarded: 

- Carlos Barbosa of Brazil came second place in the Best Team in the World category.
- Vanessa Cristina Pereira, a player in the Brazilian side, secured third place in the Best Female Player in the World category.
- Higuita, of Kairat Almaty, was nominated the second Best Goalkeeper in the World.
- David Marin Ortega, coach of Italy’s Luparense C5, was named the third Best Trainer in the World.
- José Venancio, the Spanish side’s coach, was named the Best trainer of of a National World Side.
- Fernán Aguilera, received the title of Best Young Player in the World.

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