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Joma, Official Technical Sponsor of Football Federation of Ukraine

The first occasion on which the Ukrainian players will wear Joma will be on 24 March.

Joma continues its European expansion through national football teams. In addition to signing up Bulgaria in 2014 or Romania in 2015, the Football Federation of the Ukraine has now agreed to wear kits provided by the Spanish brand for the next few years.

The first occasion on which the Ukrainian players will wear Joma will be on 24 March against Croatia, in a qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia. Joma has designed a tailor-made and exclusive collection for the Ukraine side, both for training and free time.

Joma has a long history in the Ukrainian market. The brand has been present in the country for the last decade. Today Ukrainian national teams playing other sports such as rugby, handball and the Ukrainian Paralympic Committee really stand out, as do first division teams Olimpik Donetsk, Volyn Lutsk and Karpaty, the futsal team SK Energia Lviv or the country’s tennis star, Alexandr Dolgopolov.

Technical characteristics

Joma products are recognised for their quality and technological features. The brand’s values standards have been applied to the garments prepared for the Ukraine team, both in respect of the match shirts for the professional players as well as the replicas which will go on sale.

They are manufactured using interlock polyester, characterised by its quality and elasticity, in addition to being highly resistant and easy care. This fabric has excellent breathability, since a DRY MX finish has been applied to it, a selection of fibres resulting in a state-of-the-art fabric capable of controlling the player’s body moisture. Thanks to this technology the body stays dry and comfortable, preventing it from cooling after exercise.

In areas where perspiration is highest, where the player requires extra attention, the Polyester fabric is replaced with MICRO-MESH, a technology favouring the evaporation of perspiration in order to make the player more comfortable. Thus, the player’s body stays dry and their well-being is enhanced.

Design features

Joma has created a shirt retaining the identity of the national Ukrainian side, using yellow as its main colour with blue detailing. The novelty of the shirt for this season is the incorporation of a trim that forms part of the traditional dress of the Ukraine.

Different details have been added providing excellent quality and fit to the new Ukrainian national team’s shirt, such as anti-tear seams to enhance its durability, mesh fabric on the sides and under arms to improve transpiration or DRY MX to increase the player’s well-being.

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