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Joma launches “Atalanta B.C. badges

80 fans from 20 international football teams star in the new global campaign launching the new 2017/18 season kits.

Since 1965 Joma has sponsored hundreds of professional football teams from the best leagues in the world, and it was time to join them together to launch a worldwide campaign revealing a universal truth: no two fans are alike.

It seems that simply by putting on our team shirt we can all pose as true fans, but that is not the case. To make it clear, we have created “Atalanta B.C. badges fan’s badges". A series of badges that will be given away free with the first 1000 shirts of every club and which can be attached to the shirt by simply ironing them on to personalise it and show what kind of fan you are.

Each badge reflects the values distinguishing every fan:

Season ticket holder, generation of the family following the team (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th), club history buff, child season ticket holders, away game team follower, supporters’ club member, club tattoo and no. 1 season ticket holder.

The spot reflects the research we carried out with 80 fans, 4 from each team:

RCD Espanyol, Villarreal FC, CD Leganés, Swansea City AFC, St.  Mirren FC, Patrick Thistle, Dumferline Athletic FC, Universitate Craiova FC, Havre AC, Atalanta FC, Sampdoria, Empoli, Toulouse FC, Ural, Arminia FC, Club Bolívar, CD Jorge Willster-mann, Motagua, Marathon and Temuco. Research conducted using 8 questions each of them bringing together the fans from different teams. Undertaking this reseach allowed us to see how fans from different teams realised how they have more things in common than they initially imagined, and the ties binding them even more tightly to the fans of their own teams. The level of involvement they have with their clubs allows them to empathise with each other including setting to one side any sense of rivalry or zeal for their own clubs.