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The Spanish sports equipment brand Joma, the event’s technical sponsor, has designed a special shoe for the runners taking part in the Madrid Movistar Half Marathon, which will be held on March 29, 2020. 

Those registered will be able to purchase it at a special price of € 39.90. Joma is placing a high-end shoe at a PVP of € 100, an exclusive price, at the feet of the runners in the Madrid Movistar Half Marathon. 

The Storm Viper model is for both men and women runners, and is one of Joma's lightest, most comfortable and most cushioned products, prepared for cruising speeds at medium and long distances.

The upper part is made of nylon in a single piece, and is seamless, which lightens the shoe and means that there is no discomfort.  It incorporates VTS technology, a ventilation system that maintains foot temperature constant.  

Thanks to Joma Sportech injected rubber technology, it perfectly matches foot flexion, while the TPU which is welded to the toe, eyelets and on the back, reduces weight and prevents any deformation. And to keep us visible and safe in poor lighting conditions, reflective details are included. 

The tongue has been specially designed for the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid and sewn to remain firm throughout every kilometer of the race.

The strong point of this shoe is its midsole, made of a revolutionary material: Rebound 2.0, in addition to offering maximum cushioning, quickly regains its shape and assists the stride, an extra much appreciated in those moments of greatest fatigue. In addition, it does so without losing any of its main features, with a useful life of up to a thousand kilometers. 

To help with tread transition, the Stabilis system, which is an injection piece, is located in the narrowest part of the sole to avoid inconvenient turns between toe and heel, thus achieving greater stability. 

The sole is made of two pieces of lightweight and abrasion resistant rubber.