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This limited edition style of the Slam World Padel Tour trainers combine all the key technical characteristics of padel footwear with the latest technologies. These trainers have been specifically designed for this sport and stand out for their cushioning, stability and high resistance to wear and tear.

The REBOUND 2.0 system in the midsole provides excellent cushioning. This is a material that expands easily which gives it an enormous capacity to absorb the impact of the tread while at the same time recovering its shape quickly, providing the athlete with a boost. In addition, the midsole is made up of another higher density phylon base to provide stability.

This stability is reinforced by the use of the STABILIS system - an injection piece that runs from the bridge of the foot to the metatarsal, stabilising the transition of the tread - and a rigid external counter which supports the foot.

The exterior is made of highly breathable mesh, a quality which is greatly appreciated for sports that are practised on abrasive courts. The INJECTION PRINT system is used to protect this area of the foot - injected rubber which comfortably supports the foot. A piece of rubber is added to protect the inner area of the foot, which can be subject to greater wear and tear due to lateral displacements during the game.

The interior lining, which covers the foot, is made up of two different types of material. The sides are more resistant in order to support the foot, while the back is more comfortable and cushioned.

The sole is made using the DURABILITY system composed of high density rubber to resist the wear and tear of the court. The deep herringbone design of the sole ensures grip on the playing surface.

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