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Our high competition trainers. Designed for cross-country races and running track distances of 1500, 5000 and 10,000 metres. This style stands out for its great fit and lightweight feel. 

These trainers have a seamless welded TPU exterior which prevents chafing and reduces the weight of the style. With a VTS ventilation system for better breathability, keeping the temperature of the foot constant. With a thin, adjustable neck and a microfibre tongue which is designed with perforations for increased breathability.
The heel is reinforced using the FIX COUNTER system which consists of exterior microfibre pieces for greater strength, as well as an inner buttress made of PVC and foam. This system provides greater support, protection and comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape.
With a premoulded EVA insole which adapts to the shape of the foot, contributing to the cushioning of the shoe by absorbing the impact of each step so that the shape of the shoe recovers more easily in the transition of each footstep. The midsole is made of phylon and covers the entire base of the sole to provide cushioning and stability. The insole and exterior are stitched together using the GLOVE system, whereby both pieces are sewn flat without prominent seams, maintaining the rounded lines of the foot

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