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New collection includes uniforms for the Olympic Parade, Village and Podium.

As official technical sponsor of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Joma presents the exclusive range of equipment. The collection includes 30 garment styles and two pairs of shoes for each member, featuring different patterns for men and ladies and which will be worn at the Olympic Parade, Olympic Village and Olympic Podium in Rio de Janeiro later this year. 

Each garment style is designed in Spain at Joma’s company headquarters in Portillo de Toledo. A 20-strong team includes designers, marketing and communications specialists, some with proven Olympic athletic pedigree of their own but each dedicated to delivering the highest quality performance equipment for its national Olympic athletes, coaches and staff members. 

This weeks high profile launch will draw particular interest in the Olympic tracksuit, an important piece which will play a strong role in front of a global audience throughout the Games. Joma believe this iconic Olympic tracksuit symbolises everything a true champion stands for; the highest performance values, unique style and a winning formula. So whether you are an athlete, a doctor, a shop assistant, baker, lawyer, teacher or from any other part of life, you too can dress as a champion.

For Joma, the garments include much more than technically advanced fabrics which ensure comfort and performance in the hot climate of Brazil. Joma people aim to weave their own sense of honour and dedication into each and every garment, delivering a unique combination of Spanish flair and vibrancy with patriotic pride to every member of the Spanish Olympic team.