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Introducing Joma Storm Viper for running

Get extra boost from the new Rebound sole system.

Achieve greater power from Joma’s revolutionary new sole technology, Rebound which is integrated into the latest specialist running shoe from the Spanish sports brand. The Joma Storm Viper is a lightweight running shoe which offers extremely reliable grip and excellent cushioning, delivering maximum energy and driving greater performance from this incredibly effective new sole technology. Technologically advanced micro-fabrics reduce the weight of the sole and provide additional traction and bounce through a balanced mix of elasticity and concentrated fibres.

Pulsor gel is an additional comfort system which acts as a buffer between impact with the ground and your feet, transferring even more power to your performance. It also increases the flexibility of the soles, ensuring highly synchronised movement with the natural shape and movements of your feet and transferring momentum from the back to the front of each foot with greatest effect. The result is a high performance running shoe that offers additional comfort, improved speed, strength, durability and adaptability for even the most committed runner.

The Joma Storm Viper uppers are constructed from vibrantly coloured elasticated neoprene which not only improves safety in dark situations but ensures maximum breathability for your feet under intense activity.

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