New Honduras National Team Kit for the Brazil World Cup

Joma presents the Honduras National Teamwear for the FIFA BRAZIL 2014 WORLD CUP

Joma and FENAFUTH have worked together to give the national players the best uniforms for a successful participation in the FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup. The new uniforms combine the latest sports technology with the sentiment and pride of the Honduran people in an elegant and classic manner.

The wide Collection consists of two complete game sets, two more for the goalkeeper and a line for training and another for leisure wear.


Technical Characteristics

Joma´s R+D and Design Departments have created garments that fulfill the desired objective: provide comfort to the player during the entire match, thus increasing his performance. The DRYMX technology absorbs body humidity and transfers it to the exterior of the shirt where it evaporates easily, maintaining the body dry from the first minute of the game.

This system is used in all fabrics for the match shirts and it is also complemented with the MICROMESH SYSTEM finish that transforms the weave into an open structure with small pores to facilities transpiration. In the areas of greater perspiration, where the player requires extra transpiration, the Polyester fabric is substituted for Mesh. Mesh inserts that allow the air to penetrate the garment and make contact with the skin, drying it while maintaining a constant body temperature.

The jacquard fabric used for the front of the shirt contributes to the elegant design in the form of vertical stripes in the first Uniform and horizontal stripes in the second.

The FIT pattern and the “V”-shaped collar have been designed to contribute to the garments general comfort.

The player will have great freedom of movement inside the shirt.


Honduran Sentiment in the Design

From the very beginning of this project, Joma has taken into account the great link that exists between Honduras and its National Team. For this reason, we have used the elements and colors of that National Flag for the design, as well as for encouraging the players with the Country’s main values.

The first shirt combines the two colors of the National Flag, together with a turquoise blue element in the collar and sleeves that refer to “el lampo cielo” (the blue sky) in the National Anthem, created exclusively for Honduras and this element had not been used before by Joma for any of its teams. Also “cinco estrellas de pálido azul” (five pale-blue stars) form part of the “H” Emblem that the National Team players will defend. For the first time, the “H” will be the element representing FENAFUTH. An element placed near the heart, with a new renovated design that incorporates the five stars of the National Flag and the name of the Country. This will be the first time that a Honduras National Team defends the “H” in its matches. In order to highlight this element of design on the shirt, a satin fabric has been used.

The shirt includes different personalized elements. The Joma brand cover-tape , at the bottom of the shirt includes a sentence of encouragement to the players that summarizes the Honduran spirit: “Honduras, Fe, Respeto, Valentia, Honestidad, Actitud” (Honduras, Faith, Respect, Courage, Honesty and Attitude). The type of letter that will be used for the Players name and number in Brazil has also been designed exclusively for the National Team.

On the Game Replica Shirt that will be sold, Joma has also included an innovative element: a QR code sewn in the garment ´s interior, together with an Official Product Certificate, that, when scanned, with a mobile device will allow watching the spot that summarizes the Collection’s sentiments. The spot explains the shirt`s creation process, which passed through the most emblematic places and cultural aspects of Honduras, until deciding upon the ideal garment. The Copan Ruins, the local fauna, the Pulhapanzak Falls, the Comayagua traditions and the San Miguel Cathedral are amongst the most representative elements that appear in this spot.

In summary, Joma presents a collection defined for its quality, for its application of the most innovative sports technology, for its elegant design and its Honduran sentiment.