More than 500 donations during the campaign #tusangrevalencianista of Joma

The campaign of the presentation about the new shirt Valencia C. F. was closed last Sunday, 26 with City of Valencia Marathon.

#Tusangrevalencianista has achieved its goal: to serve as a help to the largest possible number of recipients of blood of the Valencian hospitals. The campaign that was launched in early May, ended yesterday with City of Valencia Marathon. In total, there have been more than 500 bags of blood of 533 donors presented. The best date of information is that 18% of these donors were new. Donations took place in the Palco VIP of the Valencia C. F. during the May 18, the day of the presentation, and in the Marathon of the 26. In addition to the good result in donations, the campaign has achieved recognition and appreciation of the Department of Health, Government of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. The own manager, Manuel Cervera, wanted to be in the presentation by their own reason, to thank Joma and the Valencia C. F. for the action.