Joma, it is on the podium in the Sports brands in Spain

It is third with better brand image in It is recognized by the sports sector Spanish by a reputed mass media.

In a highly international sector, Joma stands in one of the major global brands. The consulting market Sport Panel has published its annual report on the situation of the sport sector. The consulting company Sport Panel has published its annual report on the situation of the sector. Joma has been ranked as the third mark as the best brand image, above 97 marks subject to study and exceeded only by Nike and Adidas. The excellent result exceeds the fourth position obtained in 2011, which shows the upward trend of Joma. Joma leads the ranking of brands in increase in share in 2011, with evolution of 38.61per cent with respect to the share of the previous year. It is also the brand with the highest number of citations by the individuals in the sample, retailers of the sports sector. Joma leads the brand image in football kits and is located in the top ten in other segments. These results lead him to be the third mark in clothing. In the ranking of brands of footwear, taking into account 12 different segments, Joma is positioned as the fourth brand, position that he already achieved in 2011. In the economic aspect, of the 100 brands consulted Joma is the fifth position as mark more profitable for the retailer and with greater perspective of growth.