History and fans of the new Fiorentina shirts

Joma´s first collaboration proved to be a sales success on the first day.

The new uniforms were designed by Joma, as technical sponsor of A.C.Fiorentina, combining the Club?s history, its present violet color and the future of the latest technologies in the Sports sector. The Home uniform is all violet, the Team´s official color, and the shoulders of the shirt incorporate the Fleur de Lis, the Team´s emblem. The bottom of the shirt includes the Trademark as Official and Authentic shirt. and also a personalized ?Cover tape? with the following inscription ?Garrisca al vento il labaro Viola?. The torso is highlighted with decorative bands, in metallic color . On the Away shirt, white is predominant and the third shirt is ?retro? style, reminiscing the Club?s history, in red and white colors.