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PROS.712.AG Boot


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The Joma Propulsion football boots are designed for players looking for maximum lightness and the best fit. Each of its components, from the sole to its fitting, has been designed using the latest technology.
Upper made of high quality Micro PU. Traction-resistant lining made of nylon. Manufactured with a single, seamless, piece, assisting its adjustment to the foot and preventing weight increase, using ONE PIECE technology. It includes WATER RESISTANT technology (which prevents water absorption and retains its original lightness) and M COUNTER technology: a buttress at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape. Piece made of PVC and Foam.
Insole manufactured using texon and PVC material up to mid foot, keeping the structure of the studs firmly in place.
Smooth EVA insole lining contributes to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact.
MULTI 24 sole. The sole Multistud 24 incorporates double density 2D technology. Its 24 studs are placed according to biomechanical research and linked together by structural nerves to provide stability and traction on any terrain. Their strategic placement assists turning movements and prevents injuries.

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